Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sidetrip to San Diego

We started the day by heading to the beach! It was much cooler today. It was only 65F (18C) when we got to the water, and there was quite a bit of fog rolling in from the ocean. We visited Crystal Cove State Park. It was once a private cabin community, but was donated to the State in 1979. All the cabins are being restored. After a few hours, the sun finally broke through, and we now see tonight that we managed to get a bit of a sunburn. We even saw some dolphins jumping out of the water! (and hundreds of pelicans).
After a nice picnic on a seaside table, we headed off south. We stopped for a quick snack just south of Carlsbad, and were impressed by the miles of beautiful beaches (and surfers).
We finally made it through San Diego, and turned back north just 10 miles short of the Mexican border.
For Dinner, we stopped in La Jolla and shared a California Pizza Kitchen pizza (yum). Kimberly took a moment to poke the tip of the Mormon church.
Kimberly is doing well, but still finds she tires quickly. At least she is feeling different muscles, and could even feel the sand between her toes. The doctor told us yesterday that her right jugular would like remain mainly obstructed. Can I say she is only in half of her right mind?

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  1. glad to know that something feels better and different hope this is the answer for a long time; Love your always amd forever mom