Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another Crazy Day in Delhi

Ok. Apparently Indian people do eat much later than we do. It's 7:30, and still no dinner. I missed lunch too, because I did not have the patience to wait past 1:30. grumble, grumble...
Anyway, Kimberly continues to improve. By any other measure, it seems like small improvements, but to us they are giant steps. I am watching her balance on one foot right now. Big deal you say? That was a major feat before the procedure. In fact, she was able to not just balance, but hop and land on one foot, without assistance. She was able to correct her stance without losing balance and falling over.
Drs. Singh and Gupta just came to visit and check her progress. They are both impressed with her condition. She may even end up being a 'poster child' for this procedure, at this hospital. They have asked if she and Vicke would mind being video taped, regarding their improvements. They said that they have been very good about conveying their improvements in very objective, scientific terms; as opposed to simply saying "I feel better".
Myself, I was able to sneak away for a few hours to the local mall, with my new found Canadian friends Nancy, Dennis, and Lee. Amongst all the tarps, tents, and poverty, this masssive shopping complex exists. It puts West Edmonton Mall to shame. Every entrance held a security check point and armed guards (double barrel shot guns). All the major brands are present: Adidas, Rolex, BMW, Marks and Spencer, etc. We actually avoided most of that and chose instead to head for the "Big Bazaar". It was sort of hidden on a sub level beside the parkade. We dubbed it the Indian Walmart. I went on a spending spree, and dropped nearly 4000 Rupees. That's about $80, by the way: shirts for 2 dollars, spices for 3 dollars, a watch for 17 dollars; and so on.
I am really starting to get used to this place. I am starting to see some 'method' behind the madness. Our time is quickly running out here. We are being told that they expect to discharge us on Friday of this week. We are still hoping to get down to Agra on Saturday and see the Taj Mahal. We will see.


  1. Hi Darren !!

    Couldn't be happier for you guys. Are you still planning on coming back home? ; )


  2. This is wonderfule. So happy for you guys and hope to see you soon after you come back
    The mason clan

  3. AMAZING!! Part of my daily ritual is to read your happy for you guys. Darren, bring us pictures

  4. Yes, everyday, just home from work, the first place I go----Thanks for the updates of good news followed by more good news. Pretty soon the only staggering happening at your house WILL be from the wine. xo Nancy

  5. AWESOME....such great results so far!! I love reading the blog, keep the posts coming and enjoy the shopping Darren, you big spender ;)) Keep up the great work with the rehab Kim, before we know it you will be jumping over our fence, LOL!!
    Joey :)

  6. God is good. So glad you guys were able to take this trip. : D [Sue Leighton}

  7. Thanks for the wishes everyone.

    I don't know about a "god", but their science is certainly good. ;-)