Monday, August 2, 2010

The Procedure Has Begun

After a bit of confusion regarding whether I was permitted to come with her to the operating room, I was eventually let in to speak to her and her vascular surgeon, Dr. Gupta. ( I really respected his candor about the procedure, its risks, and its potential benefits. I especially liked his comment about why the medical community at large is so hesitant about this theory. "They have a blind spot".

Now, all I can do is wait in my room for the procedure to be complete; which could take several hours.


  1. you said they noticed reflux darren is that blockage?


  2. That seems really quick, but thats good that moms getting it done soon :)

  3. Hi! So glad to hear everything going so smoothly so far. Sounds like a very well run facility, much better staffed than most Canadian haspitals! Have anxiously been waiting for your next update. Sure she must be in recovery by now. Talked to your Mom this AM to let her know procedure was underway. Everything going fine at home. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

  4. Heather, I don't recall if they mentioned reflux or not. But, I would thing there would have to been some on the right side for sure, since they eventually tried removing two blockages.

    Yes, Marian, the hospital is VERY well staffed. I am estimating that each patient has roughly 5 staff members to attend to them. Not 15 minutes go by that we are not been seen by someone. And no lack of food!