Sunday, August 8, 2010

Farewell India

The time has come for us to leave India. It has been a wild ride. I will certainly not forget our week in this countrty. I am also missing the comforts of home.

Friends have sent us some media articles about how Alberta Health Services is completely dismissing this procedure as unproven and even dangerous. It's dissapointing to read this from our government. I have seen first hand how both Kimberly and Vickie have improved this week. These are not huge changes to the non-MS sufferer, but are huge to them. Did I mention that Kimberly walked the entire grounds of the Taj Mahal without using her cane? I have to believe that they will continue to improve over time.

Perhaps the medical community in Alberta should have a dialog with the medical community here in India. Unfortunately, I think that the ego of many physicians back at home is preventing them from even looking into the research. The media and the government need to get their facts straight. These caring physicians certainly do not strike me as "scam artists". In fact, I was impressed with our doctor's healthy dose of skepticism about the very procedure he was performing.

Thanks to everyone who followed our adventure this week, and all the wonderful comments. I will maybe make a post or two on the way back home. See you back in Edmonton.

I am including a picture from our breakfast this morning at our new found friend's home. Thank you Uttam and Santosh for your incredible hospitality, and engaging conversation.


  1. Anna read me the article on the front page of the Journal. It was totally disgusting !! The article is not based on any kind of real evidence what-so-ever, but on a few personal opinions. I strongly believe that first hand reports from people like Kimberly and Vickie will eventually turn this tide of negativity. Yes, it is a new procedure, and yes, it has it's risks. But the HOPE of an improvement, when there was no hope before, makes taking those risks a necessity. I would caution about some places that are offering the liberation treatment. I just found out this week that my (former) sister-in-law went to Mwxico about 3 weeks ago for the procedure. She is not reporting much improvement, unfortunately, but I don't have any real information on the how or why's. Another lady in Carnduff, Sk. leaves next week for Mexico. She has had no screening tests done at all, and has been told that if they need to place a stent, and they don't have the correct size, she will have to come back again. Now that does scream scam to me. And there will be sad cases like this from time to time. I believe Kimberly and Vickie, and the other people who have been brave enough to go ahead, and try this procedure, are true heroes. Thank you so much for your blog and updates. Your story will truly be an inspiration to those who will follow you ! Take care, and have a safe trip home !! Love Marian

  2. Safe travels home!

    Love The Giebelhaus family

  3. I have forwarded your blog to the Premier of SK who says that he is committed to clinical trials in SK. (As you are probably well aware, we have the highest rate of MS in Canada.) I am very hopeful that this proves to be something that goes forward immediately. Best wishes for continued improvements!!

  4. Oh wow! This is a fantastic article. i wish i had been able to join you in India to get liberated; i am still waiting...
    Thank you Santosh and Uttam for being such great friends and hosts to my new facebook MS friends! God bless you both, and liberation for all!


  5. Thank you KIM, VICKIE & DARREN to give me a chance to welcome you at my residence. Take care love you all. Regards...... UTTAM.