Tuesday, August 3, 2010

From Kimberly

Wow! I will make a list of the improvements as so far there have been many! These may seem like small things, but when they are gone and you get them back, I repeat Wow!Did you know that I can feel my toes touching each other and my feet are ticklish? I can see out of both eyes, and could pass a sobrity test sober now, many of you will know what I mean.Did u know that tile floor is cool and smooth on the bottem of your feet? The dr even watched me as I discovered things and commented it was like magic to me. I feel like a kid discovering things I never knew I lost. I repeat wow! This is no placebo, it is a miracle.


  1. How WONDERFUL for you. Better 'n Christmas ,n your Birthday all rolled into one !!! Like you say, we take so much for granted, till we lose it, but thank heaven you're able to get some of it back !!! You rock Kimberly !

  2. congrats kimberly....sight in both eyes is huge!!!Feeling your toes touch wow wow wow...

    ive been waiting for each of your posts daily like a person waiting for a lottery draw...each day you win i feel it too...your so brave kid!!


  3. I am so pleased that you notice a difference already! kudos to you ... Have a great trip back home.
    Thinking of you, Millie