Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Delhi Street Scenes

It's Thursday morning here. Both Kimberly and Vickie are progressing nicely. Kimberly stood on one foot for about a minute this morning. They both have Ultrasounds scheduled for some time today -- to compare before to after.
A lady from Montreal had the procedure done last night. The two men from B.C. will be done today. There are about another 4 people arriving in the next day or two. This must be embarrassing for the Canadian government.
I copied some video files from my camcorder to my "HP Mini" this morning, for safer keeping. Here is a typical street scene from Old Delhi. This was captured during our rickshaw ride. Our poor driver, Allum, was about 130 lbs and dressed in a full shirt and long pants.

p.s. We did make it across the street. The video is too long to show it all.

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