Thursday, August 5, 2010

Making Indian Friends

Our time is nearly up at this hospital. I will be happy to be finished with the hospital food, but sad to be parting with all the wonderful doctors, specialists, and staff that made our stay very comfortable. It still astounds me how many people attend to our every need. It can get a little annoying, as every 10 minutes, there is a knock on the door, announcing a different staff member with something to offer. That certainly beat the opposite situation though. I can easily point to our horrid experience at the Grey Nuns hospital back in Edmonton, where Kimberly spent 24 hours in a lounge chair, and was never fed a single meal; only to leave with a prescription for Advil.
We had a interview scheduled with Jas Johal from Global TV, who is stationed here in Delhi. As it turns out, he was called away to Afghanistan at the last moment for a bigger story (I can live with that).

However, we did have a surprise visitor from someone else who lives here. Dr. Singh suggested that this young woman come talk to Kimberly about the procedure and its outcomes. It was moving to see the hope in her eyes as Kimberly described the new found life she has found. Bani, we hope your improvements are at least as great as Kimberly's. I am sure you will running again!

Tomorrow, we are discharged. We will be staying at a very posh hotel just a few kilometres away from the hospital, named the Galaxy Hotel. We plan to kick back a little on Friday and enjoy all the amenities the hotel has to offer. Saturday (early) we head to Agra to see the Taj Mahal, and then travel back the same day for our last night in Delhi, back at the hotel. Sunday will be a shopping day at either Dilli Hut, or the hotel's shopping complex. I hope our suitcases have enough room for all our souvenirs.


  1. How quickly the time flies!!! It's wonderful that you will have some time to enjoy / tour a bit of the country. How are you getting to Agra - do you hire a driver? Even better though, just the fact that you feel up to doing this Kimberly !! I hope you enjoy your last few days in this amazing country, though I'm sure you're getting anxious to get home and show your new accomplishments to your family, friends, and supporters!!! Hugs & Best wishes !!! Marian

  2. The hospital is arranging all of our travel. When is the last time a Canadian hospital did that? Uh, never! I believe we will be driven in a car/van.

  3. Hey Kim,

    I just read through all of the updates that you guys posted. Can I just say YA for you - way to go girl! I'm super excited for you. Feeling your feet on a tile is something that we take for granted. Hands not being numb, what a treasure. Enjoy the the Taj Mahal and fly home safe.


  4. Hey Kim and Darren - WOW - how exciting for both of you. Kimberly - so glad that you are experiencing such wonderful results!! All of the posts you guys have put up are so great to read through - what a journey!!!

    Stephanie and Woody

  5. Great stuff! Exciting news! Kim looks great! That smile lights up the room! Looking forward to the Taj Mahal pictures!


  6. hey darren, it's anuja and anshul, we just read your blog, and we are so happy and glad to know that everything is going great. We hope an even speedier recovery for Kimberley. Hope the kids are doing fine. Any plans of settling in India lol? They have a huge HP office and promotions and MONEY. Hope you have a great time at the Taj Mahal.